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Do you have back or neck pain?

If so, give us a call or drop a message!

Chiropractic Clinic on Sansaw Business Park

Sansaw Chiropractic Clinic

If you find yourself suffering with headache, migraine, neck pain or low back pain and have been struggling to find a solution then please contact the clinic to discuss and arrange an appointment.

Alternatively please fill in the web enquiry form and leave me your details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sansaw Chiropractic Clinic offers expert advice and care from our beautiful clinic on the Sansaw Business Park. Our lead practitioner Tony Phillips has years of chiropractic experience plus a wealth of experience as a pharmacist and acupuncturist. We are passionate about restoring people’s lost quality of life, guiding them back to a happier and healthier day-to-day.

Our patients can expect natural, hands-on treatment methods coupled with self care and dietary advice. We’ll create a treatment plan to suit your individual requirements.


Seek help if you suffer with neck pain

Seek help for migraines and headaches

Take action if you suffer with back pain

About Tony

After working for many years a as a Pharmacist I became interested in Chiropractic due to its natural approach to helping the body to quickly recover from the stresses and strains of daily living. Allopathic medicine has an important primary care role for dealing with serious medical conditions, but for common conditions such as back ache and neck pain, chiropractic is a more efficient and natural approach, that most often corrects the underlying causes.

Having studied Acupuncture and made several trips to China, I felt right about making the choice to become a chiropractor so that I could share the fruits of my journey with so many needing and deserving people. I am very serious about dealing with people’s health concerns.

I have invested on every level. Huge chunks of my life on education and on every level in helping people with a multitude of complaints.

For more information or to schedule an appointment today call 01939 211135

Why Us?

Our aim is getting you out of pain as quickly as possible if we find that your personal condition is something that we can help you with.
The cause of your pain is often located elsewhere, so we don’t treat the pain directly, we search for the underlying cause. This is done through careful structural examination of your spine and joints. The aim being to locate and then restore lost function.

How to Find Us?

We are located at Sansaw Business Park, Unit 15. After parking your car, walk through the archway into the courtyard and to the door on the opposite of the courtyard to your left. Please ring the bell for unit 15 and we will buzz you in, walk up the stairs and turn right at the top following the corridor round to our room to be greeted. Please aim to arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment.

Your First Examination.

The first examination takes approximately an hour involving a detailed health questionnaire, from here we proceed to a detailed examination to locate the underlying cause. At the end of the first examination the information will be collected and enable us to determine how we can help you going forward. If no referral to a GP or other health provider is necessary you can expect to be treated on your first visit. Subsequent visits will be arranged and tailored relative to the severity of your condition.