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Are you suffering with Back or Neck Pain?

Then Call Now!

Chiropractic Clinic on Sansaw Business Park

Sansaw Chiropractic Clinic

If you suffer with headache, migraine, neck pain or low back pain and have been struggling to find a solution then please contact the clinic to discuss and arrange an appointment.

At Sansaw chiropractic clinic we are here to help you get yourself trouble free of back pain, neck pain or headaches as soon as possible to allow you to get back to living a full life. again.

That said if your condition is outside the scope of chiropractic care we will immediately direct you to the most appropriate practitioner or refer you back to your GP.


Seek help if you suffer with neck pain

Seek help for migraines and headaches

Take action if you suffer with back pain

About Tony

After working for many years as a Pharmacist. I became drawn to Chiropractic due to its natural hands-on approach to helping the body to quickly recover from the stresses and strains of daily living. Chiropractic helps the body recover from the burdens placed on it from prolonged sustained posture, faulty lifting and moving habits developed at the workplace.

Chiropractic care is a proven and safe form of treatment and addresses the underlying problem. The training is 4 years and very arduous and includes all aspects of a person’s life including their work, hobbies, lifestyle, diet, exercise, rest, and personal health history.

Having studied Acupuncture and made several trips to China, I felt right about making the choice to become a chiropractor so that I could share the fruits of my personal journey with so many needing and deserving people. I am very serious about dealing with people’s health concerns and helping them make the right choice to stay healthy and free of recurring pain for a lifetime.

For more information or to schedule an appointment today call 01939 211135

Why Us?

We know that you want quick results with your health problem and our aim is to get you there as quickly as reasonable possible. I have invested a large amount of time and resources to learn the skills necessary to help you get out of pain and stay pain-free once your problem has been resolved.

You are making an investment in your health when visiting our clinic and in order to get the results you desire you will be asked to comply with visit frequency and perform the necessary home care and make the appropriate lifestyle changes.

How to Find Us?

We are located at Sansaw Business Park, Unit 15. After parking your car, walk through the archway into the courtyard and to the door in the far left corner.

Please ring the bell for unit 15 and we will buzz you in, walk up the stairs you will be greeted.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment in order to fill out the clinic paperwork.

What to expect on your first appointment visit

I will take a detailed look at the history and onset of your health conditions. If your condition can be helped through chiropractic treatment I will proceed to an examination to locate and elucidate the underlying causes of your problem. This will involve having many test performed to analyse your posture, examine your spine and check joint movement, look at overall alignment, check blood pressure and perform relevent neurologcal tests.

The next stage is to review the findings and present you with the best care option for recovery.

You will not have to sign up for care on the first visit but will be given ample time to consider the recommendations offered to you.

It may be possible to provide some symptomatic care on your first visit but this will strictly depend upon the time remaining, the stage and severity of your condition and whether or not we need to make a referral back to your GP for either imaging or further tests.
If you decide to accept and proceed with he care recommendations made for your specific case, then further apointments are 20 minutes duration.